There's a Book 4: March 2020

We all know that reading is a great way to deepen our understanding and grow in our faith, but with so many ‘Christian’ books out there, where do you start?

Nothing is more helpful than a recommendation from someone you trust. Here at the FiG, we’ve done the hard work for you and have quizzed people whose opinions we respect to find out which books they have found helpful in their walk with Jesus.

This month Alison Paton shares some of the books that have had an impact on her life and ministry.

There’s a book…

…that I’m currently reading

Call the Sabbath A Delight”, Walter Chantry

Why do so many evangelical Christians seemingly ignore the Sabbath? This little book was recommended to me. I have found it very helpful, succinctly explaining a biblical view of the Sabbath day, and the blessings promised in setting it apart.

…that changed my life

Spiritual Warfare in a believers Life”, CH Spurgeon

An effective soldier needs to know both his power and his enemies. This book encourages us to do both. It taught me how to fight on a new level.

“The church of Jesus Christ is not a dormitory for sleeping saints but rather a barracks bulging with Spiritual soldiers eager to do battle”, W Detzler.

…which helped my preaching

The Life of David", AW Pink

I don’t preach, but as I read this book I found out why my husband so frequently preached on the life of David. It stirs one’s heart to love God more. Search the scriptures with a fine-tooth comb and be excited that our God is so powerful 2 Samuel 23: 8-10 and yet so merciful 2 Samuel 12 :13

…which broke my heart

“The Two Margarets”, Carine MacKenzie

…which warmed my heart

"The Good News we almost Forgot", into Kevin De Young

The first answer drew me into this brief explanation of the Heidelberg Catechism.

...that’s easy to read

“A Late Lark Singing”, FW Boreham

Take a stroll into the life and thoughts of this gentleman. Be amused, shed a tear, contemplate Gods sovereignty and wisdom as one takes a peek into the lives of his early parishioners.

…that moves me for mission

The Isobel Kuhn series.

…that makes me pray

“The power of prayer in a believers Life”, CH Spurgeon

In this helpful book, Spurgeon asks and answers the question: are there prerequisites for answered prayer?

….that’s fantastic for children

“One year devotions for Boys”, “One year Devotions for girls”, published by Tyndale

There are 2 books of each. I have found these great, stimulating profitable discussion, having used them with 8-14 year olds.

...That helped me through a time of trial

“All Things For Good”, or its other title “A Divine Cordial”. Thomas Watson comforted and strengthened my heart in a time of grief and mourning like no other book did by pushing me into the greatest book. This quote I always remember: “To live on the promises as a bee on the flower and suck the sweetness of them, to trust God where we cannot trace Him; to believe His love through a frown, to persuade ourselves, when He has the face of the enemy that He has the heart of a Father”

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