There's a Book 1: October 2019

We all know that reading is a great way to deepen our understanding and grow in our faith, but with so many ‘Christian’ books out there, where do you start?

Nothing is more helpful than a recommendation from someone you trust. Here at the FiG, we’ve done the hard work for you and quiz people whose opinions we respect to find out which books they have found helpful in their walk with Jesus.

This month Geoff Lloyd, pastor of Wyndham Evangelical Church, shares some of the books that have had an impact on his life and ministry.

Keep an eye out for further installments of ‘There’s a book…’

There’s a book…

…that I’m currently reading

‘God’s Undertaker – Has science buried God?’ by John Lennox. Lennox is an excellent apologist who works with Ravi Zacharias. His commentary on Daniel was really helpful when I was preaching through that book.

…that changed my life

This may be the hardest category to answer. There are a number of books that have had a huge impact on me, but the following three really stand out. Lloyd-Jones’ Studies in the Sermon on the Mount was mind blowing. I remember being stuck between not wanting to put it down and having to stop after each sermon to meditate on what I had read. Walter Chantry’s Today’s Gospel transformed my attitude to evangelistic preaching. John Murray’s seminal, Redemption Accomplished and Applied, took three attempts after it was recommended by a pastor from mid-Wales. He kindly gave me his own copy which had notes in the margin defining all the long words. I have never read anything more head exercising and heart-warming on the nature of the atonement.

…which helped my preaching

Stuart Olyott’s short book Preaching, Pure and Simple should be read by every preacher. I cannot recommend it more highly.

…which broke my heart

Fair Sunshine by Jock Purvis which gives accounts of the suffering and witness of the Scottish Covenanters.

…which warmed my heart

Helps to Devotion which is a collection of devotionals written by Robert Murray McCheyne to help his congregation profit from God’s word. Each one was a great encouragement.

...that’s easy to read

I’ve just finished an outstanding (and very short) book by Mike Reeves called ‘Enjoy your prayer life’.

…which I should have read

John Stott’s seminal book on the atonementThe Cross of Christ’ It just seems to keep getting pushed deeper down in the ‘to-read’ pile!

…which I’d give to new Christians

Knowing God by J.I. Packer, especially the chapter on adoption, is what I most often give away or recommend to young Christians.

…I’d give to someone wanting to know more

My dad would look for any opportunity to give away copies of Ultimate Questions by John Blanchard. It is simple and to the point. I also like Andy Christofides’ The Life Sentence, which is so good to give away I no longer have a copy.

…that moves me for mission

The Insanity of God was eye-opening, heart breaking and awe inspiring all at once. The author Nick Ripken recounts the experiences of persecuted Christians in some of the most difficult situations around the world.

…that makes me pray

Holy, Holy, Holy by a number of authors, each contributing essays on the theme of holiness. The chapters on the holiness of the Godhead were particularly moving.

….that’s fantastic for children

I really enjoyed four fantasy books in the vein of the Narnia series by author and musician Andrew Peterson called The Wingfeather Saga. There are amazing gospel parallels throughout and I am excited to read them to our own child(ren).

…that’s ideal for small groups

‘How to Behave in Church’ by Peter Jeffrey was great to read together in our church home groups.

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