Abortion. Are you sure?

This article is adapted from a talk I (Geoff Lloyd) gave at the annual unborn remembrance service hosted by Voice For Life Southland, a pro-life organisation based in Invercargill. It was an honour to be asked to participate in the service.

There are only 14 high schools in Southland and so Wyndham is very proud to have Menzies College in our little town. 350 children and teenagers are enrolled at the school and graduates are able to pursue all walks of life with many working locally in the agriculture industry, while others go on to further study in tertiary education. Through that school, every seven years, 350 kids are trained and equipped to make a productive contribution to Kiwi society.

But 40 minutes down the road, at Southland hospital, in this year alone, over 350 kiwi children have been killed. An entire southland school is wiped out every year and all because they are not wanted. If we are willing to face the truth, that is why abortion happens, purely because that child is not wanted.

Allow me to prove my point. In July, a man from Taranaki was put in prison for attacking his partner. She was 14 weeks pregnant with his baby and he repeatedly punched her in the stomach. He was charged with the attempted killing of an unborn baby.

The baby was 14 weeks old. According to standard medical practice, the baby would not be viable for another 10 weeks.

What is the difference between this baby at 14 weeks and another baby at 30 weeks that a mother and two doctors can agree to kill? Why is one a baby and the other a foetus? One human life while the other isn't?

The simple but gut-wrenching answer is because one is wanted and one is not. One is welcome, one is a burden. It is not contingent on any objective standard. It is nothing to do with science or law. One is desired, one is an inconvenience.

That's the only delineating factor. Is this baby a human, is their life worth anything? Yes, but only if somebody wants them.

This is how far we have fallen in New Zealand. This is the depth of ethical effluence we're in. For all our touting of acceptance and disavowing of ablism. For all the promoting of life, affirming charities and events like the Paralympics. The culture and law of New Zealand dogmatically screams: another’s life is only valuable if it is wanted by us.

If you are reading this, there’s a good chance you are already in agreement with the article, but perhaps you’re wondering what you can do to address this issue? Should you get involved with a group like Voice for Life and use your voice to defend the voiceless? That might be a good place to start, but this is a complex and emotive subject and everyone is on the same page. So I want to specifically address two groups of people:

1) To anybody who doesn't agree with me.

Articles like this tend to attract like-minded people, but if you disagree and you have made it this far, thank you. If we are not willing to consider each other’s position, we’ll only become more tribalistic. Furthermore, I do not expect to convince you in a short article to give up your deeply held conviction. So all I would ask is: if you are pro-abortion, are you sure?

Imagine driving down a country road this evening. It is dark and in good old Southland fashion; the rain is bucketing down, your wipers are going full tilt when suddenly there is a huge slam on the front left of your car.

You hit the brakes, pull over, catch your breath and look over your shoulder. Through the rain and the red glow of your rear lights, you can see a pile on the ground and a pair of antlers poking up. You exhale with pure relief and decide to go home and check the damage in the morning. But just before you pull away, you look one more time and suddenly you're not sure. Are those antlers, or the handlebars of a bicycle?

You cannot drive away unless you are sure. Killing a deer is one thing, but if it's a person.

Are you sure that abortion is not killing a human life? Are you certain? Because if you’re going to support that, you’d better be absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt, sure.

2) To anybody who does agree with me.

To those of you who feel the same heartache over New Zealand’s abortion stance. Those who lose sleep and get that sick feeling of sorrow in your stomach when you see details of how many lives are lost. To you I want to say: Chin up.

How can I say that when over 350 Southland babies were murdered last year? I can say chin up to you and myself because if you're a Christian, which not all of us are who are pro-life, but many are, we have the answer. And so it must be Christians leading the charge against abortion, because we have the answer.

The way to end abortion in New Zealand is not legislation. Neither is it protest, although that may have a place. But changing the law is not the answer because the law is only a symptom, not the cause. New Zealand law is only a reflection of New Zealand hearts.

Hearts must change for laws to change and the good news every Christian testifies to is that we have a saviour who is in the business of changing hearts. And I will give you a new heart, and a new spirit I will put within you. And I will remove the heart of stone from your flesh and give you a heart of flesh. Ezekiel 36:26

The Lord Jesus can do that for every man, woman and child in this country and the way that he does it is through the preaching of a message called the gospel. It is a simple message that says you and I have sinned, we're not perfect and so none of us are good enough for God or His perfect Heaven but Jesus Christ has taken the sin of everyone who believes on Him upon Himself and He has died on the cross, suffering the punishment that our sin deserves. Now if we turn from our sin and believe on Him, He will remove our sins from us, rescuing us from Hell, making us right with Him, guaranteeing our eternity in heaven, giving us a new heart so we see things His way and a new purpose to use our lives for Him and His Kingdom.

The gospel is dazzlingly simple, but the Holy Spirit uses it to change hearts. So do not look to people or the law to save the soul of NZ, look to Jesus, look to Him to change your heart and the hearts of those around you. Because the way to end the legal murder of Kiwi children is not law but love, the love of a Saviour who freely gave his life that we might live.


This article was contributed by Geoff Lloyd, Pastor at Wyndham Evangelical Church.

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