12 Days of Christmas Devotions: Day Two

This Christmas FiG is helping you to keep yourself focused upon Christ in this busy season where we celebrate our saviours birth. The first day is brought to you by Peter Reynolds, Retired Pastor in Auckland Presbytery.

Revelation 12

What we have here is the story of the birth of Jesus Christ told from the perspective of heaven rather than the perspective of shepherds and wise men. The woman here represents the people of God to whom were given the promise of a Messiah to be born to them. But when the child came, he was born into the greatest of dangers. But God acted to save him, so in verse 5 we go from the birth of Christ straight to his ascension. At this point the women, and her offspring (12:17) are taken care of by God in the desert for 1260 days. This is the period of time between Christ’s ascension and his glorious return. The desert here is the present evil age of this world and we are the new wilderness wanderers. In our wilderness we are protected from the Dragon’s evil intent to destroy us while we await the coming of the kingdom and the return of the male child. Such is the victory of Christ and the forces of heaven that the Dragon’s power over the church has been broken and now our word of testimony is sufficient to overcome him. Your testimony is an act of holy war, and the result of your testimony is not in doubt. God will use your word to win a great victory in the hearts of unbelievers. There is no power in heaven or earth or under the earth that can turn aside the effectiveness of your word of testimony and witness. Let’s use this Christmas time then to take every opportunity to make that word of testimony and witness among those with whom we gather.

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