12 Days of Christmas Devotions: Day Three

This Christmas FiG is helping you to keep yourself focused upon Christ in this busy season where we celebrate our saviours birth. The third day is brought to you by M., a missionary from Asia.

Life Cry

Read Matthew 27:45-50

Beware of a romanticised version of Christmas! Even the best hymns we sing at Christmas describe a ‘silent night’ and ‘away in a manger’ a new born baby ‘no crying He makes’. We are not told in the Bible whether Jesus cried or not. However, as Jesus was fully human we should assume that he did cry.

Although we are not told anything about Jesus crying as a baby (as we obviously don’t need to know this information), the Bible does tell us about the cry of Jesus just before he died. In Matthew’s gospel we are told that from noon to 3pm in the afternoon darkness covered the whole land, and then Jesus cried out with a loud voice saying “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” (Matthew 27:46)

These words that Jesus spoke are a quote from Psalm 22 which is a lament. A lament (which in this case is also a poetic song and prayer) is an expression of loss. In this messed up, broken world there are many things we could lament about. Sickness, struggles, pain, people letting us down, hopes shattered and widespread wickedness that is written over almost every page of a newspaper. During his life on earth, Jesus had much that he could lament about (e.g. Psalm 69,4,20,21, Matthew 26:38,39).

Jesus birth is cause for much rejoicing (Luke 2:10), because he is the Saviour of the world. However, at the same time Jesus birth was the beginning of his lifelong lament, that would come to a climax on the cross. Jesus as the rightful heir to everything, abandoned his position of honour, became a baby and experienced first hand the brokenness of this world, so we have hope and an advocate to help us in our loss.

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